Tuesday, August 23, 2005

At last I restore my server again. I change the OS Fedora Core 3 for Fedora Core 4. Use it, there are only several differences between FC3 and FC4. FC4 likes almost FC3, yet I like some additions of softwares of FC4 that is JAVA and Tomcat. They let me to learn JSP quickly when I setup the environment.
Now, I just want to install samba server, proftd server and DNS server. Today, I finish the samba server and proftpd server. But When configure DNS server's named.conf I have some problem because it can't work successfully. Wait me and I will slove the problem before long.^^


終於恢復我的主機了,也換了系統版本,從Fedora Core 3換成Fedora Core 4。在使用上感覺沒有很大的差別,只是一些比較常用的套件有加上,譬如JAVA及Tomcat,現在打算還用來架設Samba Server及Proftpd Server和DNS Server。今天就先做兩個就好了。

Monday, August 22, 2005

Today, I suddenly become conscious that I seem fell short of many people's expectations. First, My teacher gave me a opportunity that he wanted me to write. But now, I can't finish the job and I just do one half. When finishing job, it will maybe spend several weeks; The people who live around my life give me fewer works that they don't let me tired. So, I have so many time but I just only paly PC games and don't do useful works. Alas! there are more examples that like the regretful things. Many people kind to me and I must treasure. I will not fall short of someone's expectation.