YA!The winter vacation arrived. 耶!寒假到了

The winter vacation plans:
The first matter is that wants to go to Hong Kong with two friends to play and also invest and lay aside all about job.
The second matter will studies with concentration, at the beginning of March will the institute examine. Although very difficult but I also want to try.
The third matter is the Chinese New Year coming! Happy new year! Congratulate! ^^


Network status:Single 網路單身

The blogs knowledge website, forum or news are the things that I browse everyday. In addition to learn, I also get new information conveniently. In the reading of everyday, I find an interesting thing about blogs: Seem the person of the big part of all hope the other people fell he(she) is a single on the network.

If there has been the person of the boyfriend or girlfriend, usually will conceal another one existent fact between the article of the blog. Why ? My guessing perhaps is because of the person of the single and will have more chances to make the person want to interact with it on the network! Such situation be saw often in teenager's age range website. If you have time, you can observe and see! ^.^


如果已經有男朋友或女朋友的人,從部落格本身的文章的字裡行間中通常會隱藏另一半存在的事實。為何要這樣?我猜也許是因為單身的人在網路上會有比較多的機會使人想與之互動吧!這樣的情形在青少年年齡層的網站比較常見。有機會可以觀察看看! ^.^