Read:<The Astonishing Hypothesis--The Scientific Search fo the Soul> author:Francis Crick

Crick is awarded The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1962 and he is one of the people who discovered the DNA Helix.This book is gathered fruitful results in author's many years studies. Crick proposed a bold hypothesis that "You", your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of identification and free will, these are no more than the behavior of a lot of nerve cells. Crick proved this hypothesis to use by the sense of sight and the viewpoint of materialism, the mode of rational analysis of the cerebrum, the specialities of attentions and memories, the form of perception and scientific experiments.

When I were a senior high school student, I have had the experience of discussing some problems about the sense of sight. For example, I have asked one of my classmates:「Did you see yourself that was the same with I saw you except both sides contrarily when you stood in front of a mirrorr? 」I tried hardly to discribe his facial features and wanted to match what he saw hisself. Finally we failed adout this problem because we still didn't know whether what he saw that was the same with I saw or not. Just like when we saw a red paper together but we didn't know that the red paper whether we saw the same or not. At this time, seeing is believing? ^^
Crick hypothesizes that consciousness is in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules. IF this hypothesis will be true, I think several possibilities to come up. We will make many nerve cells and select the cells at radom to make a "consciousness" or "cerebrum" , and then we can put a CPU or several computer component parts to accelerate the operation of the consciousness. Maybe our sons will be superman in the future. Another, maybe we can reinstall our "consciousness" or "cerebrum" when we were gotten sickness or cells are broken.
But if this hypothesis will be true, human will lost confidence in themself. Human will be the same with animals and "Man is Meant to Rule Over All Things in the World" will be not any more. IF this hypothesis will be true, god will disappear and human will be the god.
Be waiting for the answer whether this hypothesis is true or not.
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