Read:<The Prince of Two Dynasties> author:Peifen Lin

Serveral dyas ago. I read <The Prince of Two Dynasties> and I haven some vibrations.It describes an emperor of Ming Dynasty who's name is Cijhen Jhu. At medium term of Ming Dynasty, other nationality Wachi who was different China encroached on the land of Ming Dynasty and the emperor Cijhen Jhu led the fight oneself. End of the war, Wachi won and the emperor was captured. So Cijhen Jhu's brother Ciyu Jhu replaced him to be the next emperor.
Wachi even though won the war but there haven inside conflict to come up. For blanced the inside conflict, Wachi lived in peace with Ming Dynasty and sent Cijhen Jhu to return Ming Dynasty.
Six years ago, Cijhen Jhu overthrown the monarch and been emperor again. Afterward he started to kill many ministers of forward the emperor.....

Look at my nation, there seem most politicians in politics who look greedy,crafty,shameless and be follower of the rich and powerful.For example, some politicians could be another politician's son for benefits yesterday, but today they could become enemy just for a different opinions. Another example, many departments of the government seem very lazy. They ususally don't exert duties and shirk their duties.Politicians are responsible to the voters, aren't they?
I don't know how about other nation. Maybe every nation are the same. History is not different between now and before.Mr. Qiu Huang Hai said:「歷史是一部人性史(history is a human nature history)。」牟宗三先生「歷史概念」之批判的展示 Human's desire seems the same no matter the times that is power, money or position. Maybe most people can't escape desire's trap anyway, every one ought to do that must to do.
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