Add Blog to Live Writer | 在Live Writer上新增部落格

Add Blog into Live Writer:
以下是在Windows Live Writer上新增部落格的方式:

On Live Writer, select "Blog"-->"Add blog account"

Select blog. Next!

Type blog service homepage & account and password.

Select blog service name(ex. blogger). And the post URL can use atom or feed url.

If your account include several blog, select one you want to add.

Detecting blog setting.... If there is "Allow Writer to establishment blog temporary content?"
Choose "Yes", the future use of Live Write, Writer editor will use your blog templete that the content of the article set, the same as direct online editor.
Choose "no", then use the default Writer editor appearance.
選擇"是",未來使用Live Write的時候,編輯視窗會使用您部落格顯示文章內容的佈景主題,就像直接線上編輯一樣。

The finish info window. If you need modify the setting choose "setting". If you finish it, choose "finish".

This is all. Easy! ^^

Windows Live Writer

Today I feel my Live Messenger has some problems, when start always show me "failure" and close itselft. So I uninstall it and then link to the MSN official website to download the software. On the website, Windows Live Messenger provide new vesion to download and preview beta version. Which one of it include a sofeware "Windows Live Writer". Curious play. This is what I want! ! ! !

As for what is Windows Live Writer? Below is the describe on his official website, the home page content from

Introducing Windows Live Writer

Welcome to the Windows Live Writer team blog! We are excited to announce that the Beta version of Windows Live Writer is available for download today.

Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service.

Blogging has turned the web into a two-way communications medium. Our goal in creating Writer is to help make blogging more powerful, intuitive, and fun for everyone.

Writer has lots of features which we hope make for a better blogging experience. Some of the ones we are most excited about include:

WYSIWYG Authoring

The first thing to notice about Writer is that it enables true WYSIWYG blog authoring. You can now author your post and know exactly what it will look like before you publish it. Writer knows the styles of your blog such as headings, fonts, colors, background images, paragraph spacing, margins and block quotes and enables you to edit your post using these styles.

Writer also includes other views including HTML source-code editing and web preview mode.

Now you don’t have to waste time going through the process of publishing, refreshing, previewing, and tweaking your post to get it looking the way you want. It’s all right there in Writer as you create your post.


So, simply, this is a blog editor, can support general functions of blog editor. It can be off-line editing, support many blog services, and so on.

Version 12.0.1277.0816


今天覺得自己的Live Messenger有點問題,怎麼啟動都會出現"啟動失敗",於是就到MSN的官方網頁想下載新的即時通訊,就發現Windows Live Messenger搶鮮版。其中多了一個Windows Live Writer,好奇之下就裝起來玩。發現,這正是我要的!!!!

至於什麼是Windows Live Writer?下面是他官方網站的介紹,取自的首頁內容


Writer 能將內容發佈至 Windows Live Spaces、Sharepoint、WordPress、Blogger、LiveJournal、TypePad、Moveable Type、Community Server 等多家部落格服務。


  • Writer 會記住您的部落格所使用的視覺主題。因此,當您在編寫自己的部落格文章時,就能在發布之前預先看到實際的發佈結果。

  • 發佈豐富的媒體內容

  • 在 Writer 的協助之下,發佈豐富的媒體內容就像傳送電子郵件一般簡單。只要插入您想要的相片、地圖、標籤以及各式各樣的酷炫內容,並於完成自訂之後按一下「發佈」即可 - 沒錯,就是這麼簡單!

  • 強大的編輯功能

  • 有了 Writer,您只需要按一按滑鼠,就能立即插入並編輯表格、一面輸入文字一面進行拼字檢查,並為您的內容設定格式及超連結,讓您能夠無比輕鬆地建立引人注目的部落格文章。

  • 離線編輯

  • 從現在起,想要隨時隨地編輯自己的部落格再也不是夢想。Writer 會自動維持您的部落格草稿和離線變更之間的同步化,讓您再也不用擔心內容不一致的問題。

  • .........
  • 所以,簡單來說,這就是一個部落格編輯器,可以支援多個部落格的編輯器、可以離線編輯、集合所有編輯器常用的功能等等。

  • 下載
  • How Radio CheckForm? | 如何驗證Radio的表單?


    Watch 《Lust, Caution》| 我看《色.戒》

    Rode Bade Rd. to the Fuxing N. Rd. Pass by Chang-an Rd. I saw theater, but before the theater is a one-way street. Then take U turn around the side of the theater and parked my bike. And go to the theater waiting my friend, he will give me two cheap tickets of 《Lust, Caution》that cost total of NT 300 . The short subjects are really long ~ ~
    Movie story background in the year 1940 China. At that time, the Japanese invaded China, the government moved the capital to Chongqing, Japanese army help Wang Jingwei grow the "Republic of China National Government" in Nanjing; The Government in Chongqing " doesn't recognize the "Republic of China National Government" that Wang Jingwei developed and called the "Wang puppet government" or "Puppet-National Government." But Wang Jingwei is always not appear, the real protagonist is his subordinate "Mr. Yi." At the time the foreign invaded, many young people upraise the patriotic awareness, they have to enlist or do something for country. Among them, a group of college students flee for safety to Hong Kong, in order to the country, they plan to kill the government's inferior under Wang Jingwei, "Mr. Yi ...
    Long time no movies can let me hold my breath. This movie is used cutback craftsmanship to describe the story. I originally thought that the story jump too fast, at the beginning I do not understand. As the story go on, has become increasingly certain. Watch the film must be wholeheartedly, especially changes in the expression of each role, each light be intrigue against each other and be envious to everyone. It is not being understood if you have no in focus! Anyway, it is difficult to describe the circumstances of each changes --- - complex and delicate - I can only say so!
    When《Lust, Caution》produce in Taiwan, the many mass media focus on sex circumstances to write or advertise, as if director Ang Lee is to make a sex movie. (I also think that the media said this is really the case and I don't want to watch. Sex film, download their own). After watch, those who have watch sex only should fail to understand this film. I think the three circumstances of sex that director Ang Lee lie must have its intention.
    The first paragraph: Mr. Yi take into acts like rape to Mrs. Mak (Wang Zhi) , but that many mean of this circumstance. Mr. Mak tear up Mrs. Mak's cheongsam and it was searched moves, and use a belt to tie Mrs. Mak on the bed. Because he does not believe that Mrs. Mak isn't true. After all, had laid an ambush around him was too many. Then he found no weapons or other possible that can hurt him, he began to vent his "love" and untied the belt ......
    Second paragraph: Mr. Yi business trip to Nanjing four days. For Staying his home Mr. Mak, he left by say nothing the. When Mr Yi back home, he run to Mrs. Mak's room (At this moment Mrs. Mak wait for and act to him). After dialogize, Mrs. Mak said : "In fact, you are very lonely!" Mr. Yi was all believe her wholeheart.
    My girlfriend said, here is the most interesting of the two sex position: Mr. Yi's position is belong "pleasing girls, let girls succumb to him". Male is very tired to used, but the female are very comfortable. Here is the expression: "I (Mr. Yi) let you (Mrs.Mak) succumb to me. " Afterward, Mr. Yi was also succeed and Mrs Mak was also getting an excuse to stay and she knew that could use this to cope him easily. And then, she said: "I want an apartment."
    The third paragraph: Mrs. Mak was on her own initiative. She led the process of sex, She absent-minded and looking the gun hanging in the bedside. Even once she tried to reach out the gun. Mr. Yi was puzzled to see the wrinkles brows. Mrs. Mak immediately found that and blindfolded his eyes with pillows, but she still looked at the gun to wait for Mr. Yi's orgasm. However, just at the approach of Mr. Yi's orgasm, Mr. Yi was inside out over Mrs Mak. Until Mr. Yi vented, she cried. I think there is a kind of emotional about she cry, she may continue to use her body to catch him, because this time she failed. She also must be located to trap Mr. Yi more deeper, and she herself relative him was also "deeper".
    This is my third view.
    Finally, the time Mr. Mak fall in love with Mr. Yi should get ring. But I do not know that at the last Kwong Yue Man's look for Wang Zhi is appreciated or blame? I think it is certainly self-identity but my girlfriend think it is a blame .......Different people, different views

    SportsCourse (Third Grade) | 體育課(小學三年級)

    Teacher:! Hey guys. Fall in! Stand at arm's~~~~length!
    A child (boy) was fiddling with no order, and B child (boy) of the back was angry ~ ~
    B child: "Don't you hand cite straight?"
    A child :"............"
    B child grasp the hands of A child and put it up: "This way, will you be?"
    A child follow.......
    B child suddenly excited said: "Yes, that's right.You know it, baby!"
    A classmate :@#%^&*.....
    Teachers :..............

    He just a 11 years old boy. = =!!!
    B同學突然激動的說:"Yes, that's right.You know it, baby!"


    "Carry The Torch" & "Loved One" In The Midnight | 夜半的單戀與苦戀





    Wireless Network Access NFS | 無線網路存取不同的網段資源

    Case: Someone colleague wish us to increase a RJ-45 cable in her used space to let the Tablet PC to access the Internet and the sharing or private resources of NFS.

    Disposition: After exploration, this project is very troublesome, particularly in the wiring to bypass the existence of various fixed equipment. So, I propose to use wireless network access. But by security considerations, wireless network domain and the original domain are in the different networks, one is A Class( / 8) and another is B Class ( / 8). Therefore, unable to use wireless network to access the NFS of original domain. Wish can be balanced both, we can set the "private IP address" of TCP/IP's IP address in a group of the NFS domain IP address. Then, we can access NFS domain resources and also use the internet by DHCP IP of wireless network.

    處理方式:經勘察後發現,此一工程甚是麻煩,尤在佈線,須繞過各種原存在之固定設備,因此建議以無線網路存取。但因安全的考量,無線網路網域與原欲存取之網域網段不同,一為A Class(、一為B Class(,因此利用無線上網並無法存取原網域之NFS。希望兩者兼顧則可在TCP/IP的IP位置設定裡,"私有IP位址"設定裡自己給一組NFS網域的IP位址即可存取NFS網域的資源亦可使用無線網路DHCP給的IP位置上網。

    All about lovin' you

    When watch this MV with my girlfriend, she even asked me jumped form Taipei 101 top to propose to her...........

    Recovery Acer TravelMate C210, How?

    In addition to today's meeting to share IT Board used of teaching in class, some teachers also shared the teaching by Smart Board. Boring, it's really quite boring.
    At the end of the meeting, I teach how to recover Acer TravelMate C210. If the future of the Tablet PC's OS broken, the teacher can own to repair TravelMate C210.
    Recovery very simple way, as long as when booting, at the BIOS screen, by entering Alt + F10 can enter to restore wizard. Choose the recovery time and confirmed and then it begins to recover.
    今天的會議除了分享IT Board在教學的應用之外,某些老師亦分享Smart Board的教學應用,除了無聊之外,還真是蠻無聊的。
    會議的尾聲,上台教授每位老師手上的Acer TravelMate C210如何做還原的動作。如果未來平板電腦作業系統損壞了,老師即可自身來修復TravelMate C210。

    Web2.0 Logo Creator

    This is a funny and useful website. It is a web2.0 logo creator. Unfortunately, although it can create a very beautiful logo, but just one style like I embed above.

    No Screen at Booting | 開機沒畫面

    Dealt with a PC that assembly by ourself. It has no screen when booting. Check CRT power that is OK, VGA line is OK, video demultiplexer is also. Finally check VGA card but it is onboard. This time there is a test steps: open the PC case, remove the battery from the motherboard, then countdown 10 seconds .......。 Set the battery back and boot!
    ASUSTeK Computer INC.
    Rev 1.xx

    82915G/GV/GL/P/PL/GL Grantsdale Host Bridge/DRAM Controller
    South Bridge 82801FB/FR (ICH6/ICH6R) LPC Interface Bridge
    SMBus Intel Corporation 82801FB (ICH6) SMBus Controller @0400h

    CPU Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 [Socket 775]
    MAX CPU SPEED 4000 MHz
    製造商 ASUSTeK Computer INC.
    型號 P5GD1-VM
    版本 Rev 1.xx

    晶片組供應商 Intel Corporation
    晶片組型號 82915G/GV/GL/P/PL/GL Grantsdale Host Bridge/DRAM Controller
    South Bridge 82801FB/FR (ICH6/ICH6R) LPC Interface Bridge
    SMBus Intel Corporation 82801FB (ICH6) SMBus Controller @0400h

    中央處理器(C) Intel Pentium 4
    Cpu 插座 LGA775 [Socket 775]
    最大 CPU 速度 4000 MHz

    3D Photograph in Article

    This is a very special website, and different with other photo(picture or album) websites. It can provide the code that can be embedded in the article by 3D photographs or other special effects, like I embedded above. Click the icon to try it!


    Move Prints

    This morning our school give a relay race of Da-An Ward. I was asked to be officiate because I have any courses.
    Students at the race and I found that it is really difference between training and no training .
    Originally, I want to attend a course that about Windows Domain Management, but the sixth grade teachers have always complained that why aren't their prints changed yet? So, I stay and help to move. Alas~~~~
    下午本來要去上 第一階段Windows網域管理,可是六年的的老師一直抱怨他們的印表機怎麼還沒搬移完畢(奇怪哩!自己沒手沒腳嗎?急的話,自己搬就好啦!)?所以就留下不去研習了。 = =!!! 唉~流血流汗還被嫌,其娘之~~~

    Integrate(整合) MediaWiki & FCKeditor


    我裝的是mediawiki-1.11.0加上mediawiki_fckeditor_ext_N,以下的內容出自Mediawiki+FCKeditor這個網站的一篇FCKeditor integration guide,版權是屬於Mediawiki+FCKeditor,我只是重點式的把它翻譯成中文而已,原文連結為。

    首先先下載Mediawiki的延伸套件Download FCKeditor extension,解壓縮到mediawiki的extense資料夾裡。
    請確認解壓縮出來的FCKeditor裡是不是還有fckeditor這個資料夾,FCKediotr包含了mediawiki的extense,而fckediotr則包含了Rich Text Editor本身。未來如果要升級FCKeditor的版本,只要對fckeditor裡的做升級即可。
    equire_once $IP . "/extensions/FCKeditor/FCKeditor.php";


    以下將盡其所能的秀出mediawiki源碼的部份,目前只有兩個檔案需要處理以便整合至mediawiki(其中一個是可選的)。(測試版本MediaWiki 1.10.1和MediaWiki 1.11.0)

    includes/EditPage.php (必須的)


    global $wgOut, $wgUser, $wgTitle, $wgParser;
    global $wgOut, $wgUser, $wgTitle, $wgParser, $wgRequest;
    wfProfileIn( $fname );
    if ( $this->mTriedSave && !$this->mTokenOk ) {
    wfProfileIn( $fname );

    if ($wgUser->getOption( 'showtoolbar' ) && !$wgUser->getOption( 'riched_disable' ) && !$this->previewOnOpen() ) {
    $oldTextBox1 = $this->textbox1;
    $this->importFormData( $wgRequest );

    if ( $this->mTriedSave && !$this->mTokenOk ) {
    wfProfileOut( $fname );
    return $previewhead . $previewHTML;

    if ($wgUser->getOption( 'showtoolbar' ) && !$wgUser->getOption( 'riched_disable' ) && !$this->previewOnOpen() ) {
    $this->textbox1 = $oldTextBox1;

    wfProfileOut( $fname );
    return $previewhead . $previewHTML;
    includes/Parser.php (必須的)

    $output .= $this->closeParagraph().'<pre>';
    $output .= $this->closeParagraph().'<pre class="_fck_mw_lspace">';

    includes/SpecialPreferences.php (可選的)
    這裡的修改是在"我的參數設置"裡新增一個"Rich Editor"選項,用來控制是否使用FCKeditor。如果沒有此修改,FCKeditor的啟用與否將全部列在"雜項"裡。
    global $wgLivePreview;
    $wgOut->addHTML( '<fieldset><legend>' . wfMsg( 'textboxsize' ) . '</legend>
    <div>' .
    wfInputLabel( wfMsg( 'rows' ), 'wpRows', 'wpRows', 3, $this->mRows ) .
    ' ' .
    wfInputLabel( wfMsg( 'columns' ), 'wpCols', 'wpCols', 3, $this->mCols ) .
    "</div>" .
    $this->getToggles( array(
    $wgLivePreview ? 'uselivepreview' : false,
    ) ) . '</fieldset>'

    global $wgLivePreview;
    $wgOut->addHTML( '<fieldset><legend>' . wfMsg( 'textboxsize' ) . '</legend>
    <div>' .
    wfInputLabel( wfMsg( 'rows' ), 'wpRows', 'wpRows', 3, $this->mRows ) .
    ' ' .
    wfInputLabel( wfMsg( 'columns' ), 'wpCols', 'wpCols', 3, $this->mCols ) .
    "</div>" .
    $this->getToggles( array(
    'riched_disable', //add new tab (Rich Editor)
    $wgLivePreview ? 'uselivepreview' : false,
    ) ) . '</fieldset>'

    # FCKeditor
    # load FCKeditor settings into separate tab
    if (!$wgUser->getOption( 'riched_disable' )) {
    $wgOut->addHTML( '<fieldset><legend>' . wfMsg( 'textrichditor' ) . '</legend>' .
    $this->getToggles( FCKeditor::$nsToggles ) . '</fieldset>'

    The Low-Priced Laptop & WebOS | 百元電腦&線上作業系統

    Yesterday (10/16) Asustek listed Eee PC, the price from 199 USD to 399USD. While Quanta also has a laptop OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) that as long as 150 USD. Which for the Third World countries is used of children (Eee PC is not all) .
    Reference to the official website of the specifications, almost all use Linux operating system (Microsoft should not think of such one day!) but many software package wasn't be installed. Because the hard storage quota are usually not much, even OLPC has no hard disk that only flash memory.
    Merely we can't look at the third world according to our life. In my view, the children now only have a computer that can use network enough. Once and for too many things isn't indispensability and may cause unnecessary waste. If they need more applications to educate that usually can be found on the Internet by free service, such as paperworks, search, communication, study and so forth, are now almost got on the Internet. For instance, Google docs, Thinkfree Office, every search engines, IM, e-learning, almost can leave the desktop, or even the integration of network application services have emerged.
    There are now several WebOS provide some integration or self-developed applcoations. I I know several free webOS like Widgets Gadgets Ajax DesktopYouOSgoowyeyeOSajaxWindows and so on. Most of them I like ajaxWindows, because it now looks more application software can be used, it incorporates most of the applications we usually used, paperwork(docs, ppt), video, e-mail, mp3, instant messaging services (IM), CMDs, RSS Reader, Browse (I think this is uncalled for, using it is already the browser? .?). Although the service most of the applications do not own by itself, but it integrates the application of some.
    In addition, eyeOS can be downloaded from their own website and we can install in the our server. If it has more applications, or can add new applications by ourself, it can be a future that build a computer classroom like eHD or DRBL (I seem to think too much = =!!!).
    Anyway, network+ computer + WebOS, it seems to me that the trend of the future!

    Botton picture is ajaxWindows desktop screenshots, not yet Chinese version.
    昨天(10/16)華碩上市一款Eee PC,售價從199USD~399USD;而廣達也有一款OLPC(One Laptop Per Child),聽說售價只要150USD,這種電腦的是專門給第三世界國家的孩子使用的(Eee PC不盡然是)。
    只是我們不能以我們的眼光去看待第三世界的需求,依我看來,那邊的孩子以目前來說可以有個能夠上網的電腦就可以了,一次給太多東西並沒有必要且會造成浪 費。如果需要敎授更多的應用,通常網路上就可以找到免費的服務了,像文書、搜尋、溝通、學習等等,現在只要上網幾乎都能夠搞定:Google docsThinkfree Office、各大搜尋引擎、線上IM、線上學習,幾乎可以脫離Desktop了,甚至出現整合網路應用服務的系統出現。
    現在有幾家WebOS有提供一些整合或是自行開發的系統,我所知道免費的webOS有Widgets Gadgets Ajax DesktopYouOSgoowyeyeOSajaxWindows等等。其中我最屬意的是ajaxWindows, 因為他目前看起來比較多的應用軟體可以用,他整合了大部分我們常用到的應用,舉凡文書(docs、ppt)、影像、電子郵件、mp3、即時通訊服務 (IM)、CMDs、RSS Reader、Browse(我覺得這是多餘的,會連上不就用Browser嗎?.?),雖然這個Service大部分的應用程式都不是自己做的,但是他 整合了該有的應用了。
    另外,eyeOS可以自己下載下來裝在自己的主機或本機上,如果他有更多的應用軟體,或者可以自己新增應用程式的話,那未來搞不好可以做個'像是無硬碟電腦、eHD、或是DRBL之類的電腦教室(我好像想太多了 = =!!!)。


    Garbage Characters by HP LJ5100tn | 注音字型 印出亂碼

    Q: Resource classroom (3) a laser color printer when prints phonetic notation fonts of the files will be garbage characters or incorrect results. It's driver is HP LJ 5100 PCL6.

    A: Solution (Windows XP), Start -> Printers and Fax -> On the HP LJ5100 icon by right-clicking -> Content -> Print Preferences -> Appearance -> Details -> Enable " True Type fonts "option -> OK.


    Q:資源教室(三)一台雷色印表機在印有注音字型的文件時,會出現亂碼或是不正確的結果,驅動程式為HP LJ 5100 PCL6。

    A:解決方式(Windows XP),開始-->印表機和傳真-->在HP LJ5100的圖示上按滑鼠右鍵-->內容-->列印喜好設定-->外觀-->詳細資料-->勾選 "True Type字型"這個選項-->確定。

    10/16/2007 Cloudy Day(Taipei)

    Originally, a teacher want me to help her to repair his PC. She said that the internet of her PC sometimes good being used, but usually being bad. When I went, this PC was good like normal, but when I left, it was broken! = =! ! !
    No lesson this morning, I went and reapir, as a result, ha! it is good !

    At afternoon, the IT Board Meeting, each teacher share that how to use IT Board to improve teaching, and I also introduced Google Earth that will use in teaching;Using it already serveral days, the software of IT Board is ETeasy5 that is not easy. Except error or motionless can be commended, there is no other merits of it. In the end, what is it a kind of software? To me, it is still a interrogation?

    原本要幫一個老師修他的PC,他說他的PC網路時好時壞,我去的時候好的,我走了就壞掉了! = =!!!

    下午又是IT Board的Meeting,大家分享如何使用IT Board來改進教學,而我也介紹Google Earth如何用在教學上;不過用來用去,IT Board附的軟體ETeasy5還真的一點都不Easy,除了一直當掉這點直得稱讚之外,其他就沒有什麼長處了。它到底是什麼樣的軟體,對我來說還是個謎?

    Install MediaWiki | 安裝MediaWiki


    安裝的方法也不難,我在自己的主機(Fedora Core 6)及之前申請的Byethost上各裝了一次,差別在於在自己的主機上可以修改部分比較多,譬如php.ini及httpd的設定及安裝 Turck MMCacheeAcceleratorAPC or XCache,MySQL則無差別。




    安裝畫面裡會顯示你有沒有達到最低的安裝需求,沒有的話就得去修改。譬如我在Byethost上只能修改PHP Flags,enable或disable某些選項才能安裝;或者顯示錯誤訊息,找不到某些套件之類的。不過最後只要看到 Environment checked. You can install MediaWiki. 這代表你至少可以安裝MediaWiki,不過不一定會成功就是了。

    Site Config:
    Wiki name: 站台名稱(一定要)
    Contact e-mail:連絡信箱(可選)
    Language: 站台語言。建議安裝時選擇en-English,安裝後再換回正體中文,以免首頁 變成 中文連結,導致某些瀏覽器無法讀取。
    Admin username:站台管理者帳號
    Password confirm:再打一次管理者密碼
    Shared memory caching:設定Memcached servers,有就設定,沒有就選No caching。

    E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup
    E-mail features (global): 以E-mail來傳送密碼或是認證或是連絡使用者,要啟用就選 Enabled。
    User-to-user e-mail:是否同意使用者之間的連絡。
    E-mail notification about changes:E-mail通知,Disable或是只用於討論頁面 (Enabled for changes to user discussion pages only)或是選擇
    "更改用 戶討論頁,並以網頁監視(不推薦用於大型wikis)
    (Enabled for changes to user discussion pages, and to pages on
    watchlists (not recommended for large wikis))。
    E-mail address authentication:E-mail認證。

    Database config
    Database type:資料庫類型MySQL
    Database host:資料庫位置,不是本機(LocalHost),也可以打上主機位IP或是domain。
    Database name:資料庫名稱。
    DB username:對資料庫有權限的使用者名稱。
    DB password:資料庫使用者的密碼。(不可空白)
    DB password confirm:上面的密碼再打一次。

    Superuser account:也可以使用資料庫的最高權限管理者
    Superuser name:資料庫最高管理者帳號。
    Superuser password:資料庫最高管理者密碼。

    Database table prefix:資料庫的前置字元,可以自己設定或不加,我是打上mw_
    Storage Engine:儲存的引擎,通常選預設的InnoDB即可
    Database character set:資料庫字元編碼,看自己的喜好吧!

    再來,Install MediaWiki!

    最後將config/LocalSettings.php往上一一層,跟config平行的層次,再選 this link就OK啦!


    2007年10月15日 陰(飄了幾滴雨)

    上體育課的今天,導師突然拿了一張比賽的報名表給我,班級接力賽,時間是下星期一的早上。哇啊!我只有兩節課可以教這些三年級(11歲而已)的小朋友,他們什麼都不會啊!只好教多少算多少了。 做完熱身操就開始教接力,先練習接棒子的方法,統一右手傳右手接;還是有人右手接,換到左手,My God!!! 右手!右手!右手是哪一隻不知道嗎?????(我嘶吼的喊~~)


    第一次使用byethost,我先玩玩joomla,我不想用它內建的Package去安裝,(我不要廣告),所以我去Joomla的非官方中文網站TaiwanJoomla去下載1.0.13_full language版本(含中文版),然後利用byethost所提供的FTP Server來Upload joomla的package,上傳的速度有點慢,可能主機是在國外吧!對了,Joomla-1.5RC3版本,上傳之後無法出現安裝畫面,我們也無法去修改apache及php的設定,所以我是選1.0.13的版本來安裝就好了。
    FTP Accounts
    FTP Overview
    File Manager
    Manage MySQL
    MySQL Overview
    MySQL Manager
    PHP MyAdmin
    MySQL Manager 裡去新增一個資料庫給joomla使用(等一下要用到),像我是開一個名稱為joomla1013的資料庫準備給joomla使用!


    第一: Session save path Unwriteable

    第二: Display Errors: ON: OFF


    這裡的Host Name不是LocalHost而是MySQL Manager裡的Host Name,在Manager那一頁最下方會顯示:
    MySQL Host Name
    MySQL User Name
    MySQL Password
    (Same as your FTP & VistaPanel password)
    MySQL DB Name
    (See above: You need to make a database)

    sql3.byethost13.com就是Host Name,DataBase Name要注意,不是你在Create打的名字,真正產生的會是加了Username的名字,MySQL Manager頁面會顯示,其他的照自己的設定填入即可。
    接下來設定Site Name。

    這樣大致上就安裝完成了,至於Joomla怎麼玩,可以參閱Joomla的官方網站Joomla! 或是非官方的中文正體網站TaiwanJoomla的教學手冊。

    1、 安裝時Session save path /tmp unwritable的問題。
    A:一開始我們是採取冷處理,先不理它,在安裝之後似乎也沒有出現錯誤訊息(我是沒有),不過為了預防萬一,還是得修改一個地方讓Session save有個棲所;我先用File Manager在joomla1013的安裝資料夾裡建一個空的資料夾,叫做tmp,然後修改其屬性為777,之後編輯在joomla1013的資料夾裏 的configuration.php這個檔案,加入一行


    2、我曾遇到在剛安裝完成時,選擇ViewStie或是Administrator之後,會出現可能兩種不同的錯誤訊息,像是Class 'JCache_Lite_Function' not found in .......(略) 或是 Class 'Cache_Lite_Function' not found in ......(略) 。
    A:這兩個錯誤訊息,我發現是因為在上傳檔案時,某些檔案傳輸不正確,譬如我joomla1013/includes/joomla.cache.php 這個檔案傳可能在上傳時出了問題,造成檔案大小只有0KB,但事實上它是2.46KB,重新上傳之後同常可以解決(結果我把整個網站上傳了一次就OK了 = =!!!)。

    3、在操作Joomla後台時,一開始發現FireFox上不能夠"確認"選項,但是用IE 7卻可以;不過再裝一次時這個問題就沒有發生了。

    玩玩免費虛擬主機--ByetHost Free Web Hosting



    echo phpinfo();出來就是-->按我





    裡面有個Cpanel URL,就是後端主控台的URL,用Cpanel Username及Cpanel Password來登入。




    選上面這個選項的Automatic Installer,進去後會看到下面的

    Select the destination domain for the installaton:

    Click Here »就對了。

    Go! Go! Go!


    2007年10月12日 陰--維修日

    A:一位的只要按個Reset鍵就OK了,因為CRT本身的電源指示燈是正常的綠色燈,這表示問題來自於PC本身,雖然不知道確切原因為何?另外一位比較天兵,指示燈沒亮,很明顯,插頭沒插好! = =!!!
    A:老師來詢問其PC的Device少了一個,他想要可以一對二的視訊分接器(1 Input & 2 Output),通常每一班都會有,只有他沒有。當我過去看時,原來被之前的老師給收起來放在櫃子了。 / _\ What can I say?


    這個學期開始,五、六年級的小朋友開始敎Blog的使用,理論上每個人都有一個Blog可以使用。但是,同學之間、老師與學生之間卻不知道彼此的blog address,這時候我們就得充當這"中間人",整合所有老師與學生的blog URL,讓彼此找到彼此。問題來了,要怎麼扮演這個中間人?口頭或Email(每個學生與老師均有Email)詢問,並整合所有URLs嗎?不可能,這樣太沒效率了,每年都要玩上一回,耗費太多時間與精力了。
    或者,請老師在自己的blog發一篇文章,並請學生回應,回應自己的blog address,最後老師整理之後再以文章的方式post出來,這樣好嗎?如果時間久了,這篇整理過後的文章不就石沉大海了?除非另外做個link獨立出來,不過我還是質疑這種方式的未來性跟串連資訊的可靠性。
    我要的是:可以自由分享、永續保存的東西,並且要簡單、容易及樂意使用的東西。之前的想法是我只要寫一支小程式,讓學生自己把自己的blog address給post上資料庫,然後我只要畫個表格,以班級為單位來顯示每個人的連結,像是
    01 02 03 04 05 06
    07 08 09 10 11 12
    13 14 15 16 17 18
    19 20 21 22 23 24
    25 26 27 28 29 30
    31 32 33 34 35 36
    37 38 39 40

    有朋友建議我是不是自己架個blog server就好了,像是LifeType、WordPress MU這種的平台。只是,當初讓孩子們學習使用blog,並以此繳交作業的方式是希望能夠讓學生在畢業之後還能帶走自己的東西,並分享自己的學習歷程,以學校有限的資源,恐怕無法支持這樣的服務到一、二十年,甚至更久之後,但是單純的文字平台卻容易的多,就算網站掛點了,也不至於讓學生的心血消失,所以尋求外界免費的無限資源是必要的,我們不需要開發,只要整合就好了!
    我有參考過像是 del.icio.usHEMiDEMifunP 推推王等等的網站,但是我找不到這種CMS套件可以架設,我也不知道他們平台環境,也許我該嘗試其他的方式......?

    昨晚無意中翻到PC Office(9月號)這本雜誌的其中一篇,介紹Wiki 相關概念及應用,也許我該試試看這Wiki Power。

    電子郵件轉移 ( Email Migration ) on Google Apps

    轉移學校所有教職員的信件之前,我在想如何能夠順利轉移,因為移轉需要原Mail Server上所有老師的帳號密碼,有考慮兩種思考:第一種方式:轉移必須知道所有人員的帳號跟密碼,要一一取得所有老師的密碼是件很困難又根本不會達成 的事,而Linux的shadow裡的密碼都是加密過的,用破解的是非常不道德且不允許的,只能用問的,但老師又不見得會告訴你;第二種是在原來的 Mail Server上把所有Mail User的密碼重設,等轉移過後,請使用者們自己在第一次登入時修改密碼。想當然爾,選擇第二種是簡單又迅速的的方法。
    經資訊小組討論過後,決定找一個時間移轉,事前當然需要先公告Mail Server要移轉的緣由跟時間,給User準備跟期待。

    1、在原本的Mail Server主機上重設所有User的密碼。(我是在Webmin上把所有的User的帳號移出來,用Excel編輯成需求的格式,像這樣

    A B C
    1 username source username source password
    2 picasso picasso 12345
    3 claude.monet claude.monet 12345
    4 lilies lilies 12345


    3、到Google Apps的電子郵件移轉(Email Migration)設定:此次轉移任務的名稱(不拘). (2)伺服器軟體、主機位置(IP或host.domain都可以)、安全性(看原本的Mail Server是不是採用SSL或STARTTLS模式,如果都沒有則選"無"). (3)通訊埠(安全性選"無"及"STARTTLS"為143,選"SSL"為993,不過要看原Mail Server所採用的協定). (4)IMAP路徑前置字串(Linux上通常為/var/spool/mail或是/var/mail/)

    目前電子郵件轉移(Email Migration)所支援的伺服器軟體





    本來預估半天就可以搞定,但是一直顯示連線失敗,看了Google Apps所提供的錯誤訊息文件也 沒辦法解決,最後打算用最簡單的方式:"砍掉重練"。我把Mail Server(Postfix)相關套件移除(反正移轉後也要移除了),包含MailScanner、Spamassassin、Sasl2、F- prot、Devocet等等移除,只裝SendMail跟Devocet,結果居然伺服器驗證失敗,是帳號驗證失敗,不是伺服器連線測試失敗。後來才發 現我在耍笨,是我在重設老師的密碼,在批次modify時,少了一個欄位(原本webmin匯出的格是一個帳號是13個欄位,要modify時要增加一 個"被修改的帳號"的欄位),難怪伺服器OK,帳號驗證不OK;修正之後就一切正常了,也順利轉移,不過也搞到當天晚上十一點多才睡覺。@@!!!

    終於把Mail Serivce丟給Google Apps了^^Y

    幾個星期來,經過反覆的測試、宣導及半強迫,終於把學校的Mail Service丟給Google Apps了,這樣一來,伺服器的工作就少了一個負擔了。
    之前遲遲不換到Google Apps的原因是因為學校本身的Mail Server上有老師留下來的信件,如果貿然換郵件系統而要求老師自行備份郵件的話,必定會招致許多的抨擊及抱怨,所以一直沒有轉換。直到近來Google Apps在教育版(Education Edition)上公告一項新的功能,寫著"
    最新! 電子郵件移轉 - 將您現有的電子郵件封存檔移轉至「Google 應用服務」 - 開始使用(
    New! Email Migration - Move your existing email archives into Google Apps - Get started)。一開始還不懂是什麼意思,抱著好奇的心態去測試這個功能,拿著自己的帳號來測試什麼叫做"Migration",結果,居然成功了!這一刻,有一種心中大石放下一塊的感覺,很想大聲的叫:"我終於要擺脫Mail Server的禁錮了!哈!哈!哈!",我分析,如果完全把所有教職員的Mail轉移到Google Apps的話有幾個優點也有缺點:
    1、主機房可以騰出一台Server來做別的Service,譬如Web Server或是Samba Server或是NFS、Backup Server、Update Server等等。
    2、Gmail優越的防堵垃圾信件及防毒機制(至少比我自己架設的Mail Server好很多)會避免校內使用OutLook收信或其他使用POP3收信的應用軟體在收取信件時容易中毒的情形,甚至蔓延到全校的區域網路當中;之前因為病毒郵件造成的PC中毒已經太多樁了,甚至教師用的PC被植入木馬程式而不自知。
    4、其他功能:譬如Chat、Calender、Docs、Web Pages、Star Page等等。

    Blog 文章外移完畢