Watch 《Lust, Caution》| 我看《色.戒》

Rode Bade Rd. to the Fuxing N. Rd. Pass by Chang-an Rd. I saw theater, but before the theater is a one-way street. Then take U turn around the side of the theater and parked my bike. And go to the theater waiting my friend, he will give me two cheap tickets of 《Lust, Caution》that cost total of NT 300 . The short subjects are really long ~ ~
Movie story background in the year 1940 China. At that time, the Japanese invaded China, the government moved the capital to Chongqing, Japanese army help Wang Jingwei grow the "Republic of China National Government" in Nanjing; The Government in Chongqing " doesn't recognize the "Republic of China National Government" that Wang Jingwei developed and called the "Wang puppet government" or "Puppet-National Government." But Wang Jingwei is always not appear, the real protagonist is his subordinate "Mr. Yi." At the time the foreign invaded, many young people upraise the patriotic awareness, they have to enlist or do something for country. Among them, a group of college students flee for safety to Hong Kong, in order to the country, they plan to kill the government's inferior under Wang Jingwei, "Mr. Yi ...
Long time no movies can let me hold my breath. This movie is used cutback craftsmanship to describe the story. I originally thought that the story jump too fast, at the beginning I do not understand. As the story go on, has become increasingly certain. Watch the film must be wholeheartedly, especially changes in the expression of each role, each light be intrigue against each other and be envious to everyone. It is not being understood if you have no in focus! Anyway, it is difficult to describe the circumstances of each changes --- - complex and delicate - I can only say so!
When《Lust, Caution》produce in Taiwan, the many mass media focus on sex circumstances to write or advertise, as if director Ang Lee is to make a sex movie. (I also think that the media said this is really the case and I don't want to watch. Sex film, download their own). After watch, those who have watch sex only should fail to understand this film. I think the three circumstances of sex that director Ang Lee lie must have its intention.
The first paragraph: Mr. Yi take into acts like rape to Mrs. Mak (Wang Zhi) , but that many mean of this circumstance. Mr. Mak tear up Mrs. Mak's cheongsam and it was searched moves, and use a belt to tie Mrs. Mak on the bed. Because he does not believe that Mrs. Mak isn't true. After all, had laid an ambush around him was too many. Then he found no weapons or other possible that can hurt him, he began to vent his "love" and untied the belt ......
Second paragraph: Mr. Yi business trip to Nanjing four days. For Staying his home Mr. Mak, he left by say nothing the. When Mr Yi back home, he run to Mrs. Mak's room (At this moment Mrs. Mak wait for and act to him). After dialogize, Mrs. Mak said : "In fact, you are very lonely!" Mr. Yi was all believe her wholeheart.
My girlfriend said, here is the most interesting of the two sex position: Mr. Yi's position is belong "pleasing girls, let girls succumb to him". Male is very tired to used, but the female are very comfortable. Here is the expression: "I (Mr. Yi) let you (Mrs.Mak) succumb to me. " Afterward, Mr. Yi was also succeed and Mrs Mak was also getting an excuse to stay and she knew that could use this to cope him easily. And then, she said: "I want an apartment."
The third paragraph: Mrs. Mak was on her own initiative. She led the process of sex, She absent-minded and looking the gun hanging in the bedside. Even once she tried to reach out the gun. Mr. Yi was puzzled to see the wrinkles brows. Mrs. Mak immediately found that and blindfolded his eyes with pillows, but she still looked at the gun to wait for Mr. Yi's orgasm. However, just at the approach of Mr. Yi's orgasm, Mr. Yi was inside out over Mrs Mak. Until Mr. Yi vented, she cried. I think there is a kind of emotional about she cry, she may continue to use her body to catch him, because this time she failed. She also must be located to trap Mr. Yi more deeper, and she herself relative him was also "deeper".
This is my third view.
Finally, the time Mr. Mak fall in love with Mr. Yi should get ring. But I do not know that at the last Kwong Yue Man's look for Wang Zhi is appreciated or blame? I think it is certainly self-identity but my girlfriend think it is a blame .......Different people, different views
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