Wireless Network Access NFS | 無線網路存取不同的網段資源

Case: Someone colleague wish us to increase a RJ-45 cable in her used space to let the Tablet PC to access the Internet and the sharing or private resources of NFS.

Disposition: After exploration, this project is very troublesome, particularly in the wiring to bypass the existence of various fixed equipment. So, I propose to use wireless network access. But by security considerations, wireless network domain and the original domain are in the different networks, one is A Class( / 8) and another is B Class ( / 8). Therefore, unable to use wireless network to access the NFS of original domain. Wish can be balanced both, we can set the "private IP address" of TCP/IP's IP address in a group of the NFS domain IP address. Then, we can access NFS domain resources and also use the internet by DHCP IP of wireless network.

處理方式:經勘察後發現,此一工程甚是麻煩,尤在佈線,須繞過各種原存在之固定設備,因此建議以無線網路存取。但因安全的考量,無線網路網域與原欲存取之網域網段不同,一為A Class(、一為B Class(,因此利用無線上網並無法存取原網域之NFS。希望兩者兼顧則可在TCP/IP的IP位置設定裡,"私有IP位址"設定裡自己給一組NFS網域的IP位址即可存取NFS網域的資源亦可使用無線網路DHCP給的IP位置上網。
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