The Low-Priced Laptop & WebOS | 百元電腦&線上作業系統

Yesterday (10/16) Asustek listed Eee PC, the price from 199 USD to 399USD. While Quanta also has a laptop OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) that as long as 150 USD. Which for the Third World countries is used of children (Eee PC is not all) .
Reference to the official website of the specifications, almost all use Linux operating system (Microsoft should not think of such one day!) but many software package wasn't be installed. Because the hard storage quota are usually not much, even OLPC has no hard disk that only flash memory.
Merely we can't look at the third world according to our life. In my view, the children now only have a computer that can use network enough. Once and for too many things isn't indispensability and may cause unnecessary waste. If they need more applications to educate that usually can be found on the Internet by free service, such as paperworks, search, communication, study and so forth, are now almost got on the Internet. For instance, Google docs, Thinkfree Office, every search engines, IM, e-learning, almost can leave the desktop, or even the integration of network application services have emerged.
There are now several WebOS provide some integration or self-developed applcoations. I I know several free webOS like Widgets Gadgets Ajax DesktopYouOSgoowyeyeOSajaxWindows and so on. Most of them I like ajaxWindows, because it now looks more application software can be used, it incorporates most of the applications we usually used, paperwork(docs, ppt), video, e-mail, mp3, instant messaging services (IM), CMDs, RSS Reader, Browse (I think this is uncalled for, using it is already the browser? .?). Although the service most of the applications do not own by itself, but it integrates the application of some.
In addition, eyeOS can be downloaded from their own website and we can install in the our server. If it has more applications, or can add new applications by ourself, it can be a future that build a computer classroom like eHD or DRBL (I seem to think too much = =!!!).
Anyway, network+ computer + WebOS, it seems to me that the trend of the future!

Botton picture is ajaxWindows desktop screenshots, not yet Chinese version.
昨天(10/16)華碩上市一款Eee PC,售價從199USD~399USD;而廣達也有一款OLPC(One Laptop Per Child),聽說售價只要150USD,這種電腦的是專門給第三世界國家的孩子使用的(Eee PC不盡然是)。
只是我們不能以我們的眼光去看待第三世界的需求,依我看來,那邊的孩子以目前來說可以有個能夠上網的電腦就可以了,一次給太多東西並沒有必要且會造成浪 費。如果需要敎授更多的應用,通常網路上就可以找到免費的服務了,像文書、搜尋、溝通、學習等等,現在只要上網幾乎都能夠搞定:Google docsThinkfree Office、各大搜尋引擎、線上IM、線上學習,幾乎可以脫離Desktop了,甚至出現整合網路應用服務的系統出現。
現在有幾家WebOS有提供一些整合或是自行開發的系統,我所知道免費的webOS有Widgets Gadgets Ajax DesktopYouOSgoowyeyeOSajaxWindows等等。其中我最屬意的是ajaxWindows, 因為他目前看起來比較多的應用軟體可以用,他整合了大部分我們常用到的應用,舉凡文書(docs、ppt)、影像、電子郵件、mp3、即時通訊服務 (IM)、CMDs、RSS Reader、Browse(我覺得這是多餘的,會連上不就用Browser嗎?.?),雖然這個Service大部分的應用程式都不是自己做的,但是他 整合了該有的應用了。
另外,eyeOS可以自己下載下來裝在自己的主機或本機上,如果他有更多的應用軟體,或者可以自己新增應用程式的話,那未來搞不好可以做個'像是無硬碟電腦、eHD、或是DRBL之類的電腦教室(我好像想太多了 = =!!!)。


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