Garbage Characters by HP LJ5100tn | 注音字型 印出亂碼

Q: Resource classroom (3) a laser color printer when prints phonetic notation fonts of the files will be garbage characters or incorrect results. It's driver is HP LJ 5100 PCL6.

A: Solution (Windows XP), Start -> Printers and Fax -> On the HP LJ5100 icon by right-clicking -> Content -> Print Preferences -> Appearance -> Details -> Enable " True Type fonts "option -> OK.


Q:資源教室(三)一台雷色印表機在印有注音字型的文件時,會出現亂碼或是不正確的結果,驅動程式為HP LJ 5100 PCL6。

A:解決方式(Windows XP),開始-->印表機和傳真-->在HP LJ5100的圖示上按滑鼠右鍵-->內容-->列印喜好設定-->外觀-->詳細資料-->勾選 "True Type字型"這個選項-->確定。
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