Move Prints

This morning our school give a relay race of Da-An Ward. I was asked to be officiate because I have any courses.
Students at the race and I found that it is really difference between training and no training .
Originally, I want to attend a course that about Windows Domain Management, but the sixth grade teachers have always complained that why aren't their prints changed yet? So, I stay and help to move. Alas~~~~
下午本來要去上 第一階段Windows網域管理,可是六年的的老師一直抱怨他們的印表機怎麼還沒搬移完畢(奇怪哩!自己沒手沒腳嗎?急的話,自己搬就好啦!)?所以就留下不去研習了。 = =!!! 唉~流血流汗還被嫌,其娘之~~~

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