Recovery Acer TravelMate C210, How?

In addition to today's meeting to share IT Board used of teaching in class, some teachers also shared the teaching by Smart Board. Boring, it's really quite boring.
At the end of the meeting, I teach how to recover Acer TravelMate C210. If the future of the Tablet PC's OS broken, the teacher can own to repair TravelMate C210.
Recovery very simple way, as long as when booting, at the BIOS screen, by entering Alt + F10 can enter to restore wizard. Choose the recovery time and confirmed and then it begins to recover.
今天的會議除了分享IT Board在教學的應用之外,某些老師亦分享Smart Board的教學應用,除了無聊之外,還真是蠻無聊的。
會議的尾聲,上台教授每位老師手上的Acer TravelMate C210如何做還原的動作。如果未來平板電腦作業系統損壞了,老師即可自身來修復TravelMate C210。
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