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When meander along in the library and want

to find a book to read. I come in sight of this

words, hence take it to go to the library

counter then passed my library card......

"When things start to think" I think the

meanings of this words be: The thing

knows how to learn, record, analysis and

does appropriate of reaction. That means the thing that we

make starts having AI. The trend that manufactures computers

now is also a trait of this aspect develop. For example the

computer now has already canned control the whole software &

hardware equipments with all family. At you are just preparing to

go home,computer is already dealing with food for you and

opening air conditioner and even preparing hot water lets you

take a shower; Return to your house, the light turned on

automatically and you will find that publish the latest message

newspaper to have already prepared. The coffee that is by the

side of the newspaper still reek continuously; The computer would

even analyze your motion of now to decide to broadcast music

and adjust indoor temperature, humidity, let you be placed in

comfortably. Above, included the AI of science and technology

application and even is already the "personalization".

This book has several to let me more interested in subject matter.

For instance

"Smart shoes", it can record various physiology and mental state

of wearing reaction to adjust to wear current environment condition.

When two people meet, it can also tell the shoes of the other party

now his host's mood or physiology reaction and then the shoes of

the other party can also appropriate judgment current condition

form and tell host the reaction that should adopt or avoid which

actions of occurrence;

"Electronic books" is the function that can repeat an usage,

download, automatic renewal content and can print out an etc.

Laying aside book to use the electronic books or continuing study

a book?

"Go world" - wear in the computer of the body, the computer

should fit an user and not the user wants to continue to match with it;

"Smart things": When we bring more intelligent science and

technology to the crowd. The computer can disappear from the

world finally;

"The 3D printer": It can printout the things that saw on the computer

just and isn't the part that threw away raw material. But it was like

Lego similar to add raw material.




"When things start to think" 我想這句話的意思是:事物懂得學習、紀錄、




















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