Keep one's promise:一言九鼎(Yi yan2 jiu3 ding3)

Saw a Discovery program tonight and introduce concerning pottery-troops issues.But among issues impression was most deep to speak of the thing " Ding Ding":The position of the private doctor equal to five Dings.

"Ding" original meanings be an usually three-legged ancient Chinese cooking vessel and is cast into by the bronze.It become container of offering sacrifices to the god afterwards and then become the symbol of the nations finally.So choose site for capital and then be called "settle Ding" certain place in a certain place;And"Ding3 zu2 san fen(division into three three centses)" then mean three square situations to stand opposite each other.

"Nine Dings" are the Dingses that the Da Yu casts after ascending the throne.Da Yu it is rumored have a great achievement because of regulate rivers and watercourses and then the Shun abdicates the throne to him.The Da Yu is divided into nine states of his territories and used the gold that nine state leaders pay tribute to cast into nine Dings and used to symbolize the nation that he rules. that is "nine Dings".It stress "the row Ding and food" more in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Represent the grade system of emperor, seignior and private doctor according to nine Dingses, seven Dingses and five Dingses.

"Keep one's promise一言九鼎(Yi yan2 jiu3 ding3)" of cause is at the Warring Kingdoms of Chinese, group of heroes set up separatist regime of time.

All countries value a talented person very much for strengthening an own strength. The Ping-Yuan gentleman of JHAO country kept many skillful persons and then prepare to be at any time to work for him. These people are called the retainer.
Have once, the Qin country takes the offensive JHAO country. The Ping-Yuan gentleman wants to plea for help from Chu country and plan from retainers to choose 20 persons who versed in literary and military arts to follow behind him to go to Chu country and persuade Chu's king to cooperate withstand Qin. But he picks around, only can select 19 people. At this time, a by the name Mao-Suei of the retainers come out to say:"please let me follow behind you and go to Chu country together!" Ping-Yuan gentleman has no confidence in him, but the end still promised.

Went to Chu's country, the Ping-Yuan gentleman work hard canvass Chu's king and speak of noon from the sunrise and still have no result. Hence, Mao-Suei wearing a sword ascend the rank then arrives at two king in fronts. Chu's king speaks loudly:"Go away! I get into conversation with your host , you to do what?"
Mao-Suei press sword to come forward to say to Chu's king: "Chu's country although has many people, now ten steps inside, no one can protect you. Your life is in my hand." Then he lecture Chu's king's and point out the advantage to cooperate withstand Qin country. Chu's king says hurriedly:"All right! All right!" and covenanted a cooperation agreement with Chu country on the palace right away.
Ping-Yuan gentleman applauds Mao-Suei after returning to Chu country hence say:"Sir speak with Chu's king of some kind of talk ,indeed powerful, be like nine Dingses and big clock, make Chu country be a value greatly."
So the meanings for "keep one's promise(一言九鼎(Yi yan2 jiu3 ding3))" would be parable that a words has power and be like nine Dingses so heavy. It can also say to be a honesty or keep engagement.

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