Why I Choosed Drupal?

Very long has not played Servers and website set of. Because the school requests each people all to have the person website, thereupon when stroll the internet has discovered Drupal . Moreover Drupal is choosed one of open source CMS final five announced, this lets my interest be soaring. Under the curiosity obligation, wants to have a look Drupal to have what differently with before other frame station set of, with Wordpress, Xoops, Mambo, Joomla and so on has differently what.

很久沒有玩SERVER及網站套件,由於學校要求每個人都得要有個人網站,於是乎在逛網站時發現了Drupal,而且Drupal被選為五大CMS之一,這更讓我興趣高昂。在好奇心的驅使下,想看看Druapl跟之前其他的架站套件有何不同,跟WordpressXoopsMamboJoomla 等有何不同。

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