Beach, Hot, Fry Shrimp | 海灘、熱、蝦子

Under sunshine, someone beach। Rare people here, who were scattered around the beach। Between the beach and surrounding roads are several the street vendors। Although the weather is so hot that can only let people hear their heavy breathing , but there was a lively atmosphere, as if there are many unvisible people on your side, and not feel bored। It just hot~hot ~hot! Along the beach road and walk the line, want to find the street vendors to drink। Suddenly, a school female colleagues sale fry shrimp, she is also one of the vendors। The strange thing is that her business has been remarkably good under this hot beach। I take her final shrimp, Shelling, eating incomplete shrimp meat, courtesy to say : "It's delicious! "

" Sorry, this is the last one, no! , "She said with a smile.
I also smile : "Never mind, there are opportunities for the future "
" If you are willing to help me with the tools stalls, and perhaps I can give you some? "She asked
"No problem, even if there is no fry shrimp I will be happy to help."
Her work kitchen in another side of the beach. Here only has a small wooden house overlooking the sea and on th beach with a few strokes that be hanged breaking flues. But doesn't exist a small broken boat, lost some miserable feeling.
Tools moved to put next to the washbasin.
"If there are cool watermelon to eat, it the more wonderful! "She washing bowl side edge and humorous said.
"This simple! "I smiled
With these words, I face the sea, invoke by a gesture like a ninjas and shout "Shadow duplicable skill, watermelon come~~".
Without the expected emergence of numerous me, but there have a gas from my legs into the sea. Mess into a white skin and green lines watermelon. Waiting for approaching me, proudly pick it up and give her. Here ! For you! "Surprise! How do you have? Look good to eat. " She did not see that I just do.
"You need not care so much, just eat enough. " I talk to her with a smile :" Can I help you to carve? Forget it, your own good. " I gave her and go in a room next to the kitchen to help her string of fry shrimp."
Of course, when saw plump fry shrimp always sent to my mouth. Afraid she found, but ate very happy that I was laughing in my mind. "A cool watermelon for a few fry shrimp , OK! "
About ate less than three fry shrimp, look the scenery outside, the sun still makes people unable to open their eyes. Afar appeared a small figure on the white beach unexpected point, regardless, continues the "Watermelon for fry shrimp" and with her, I did not communicate.
My brother appeared by riding a bicycle, just the original black spots was my brother.
He Rode around me : "Brother! Do you know where Daddy? "
" He seems to uncle's home. "
He said" Oh ! It's OK! I go to find him now. Do you have something for him? "
I gave him several fry shrimp, like these fry shrimp were mine, said : "Take to eat with daddy. "
Happiest he said :" OK! Bye! "Brother left.
I Ports string well fry shrimp to the colleagues and then said :" Well, this is your fry shrimps."
Gave all the shrimps to her and calmly said :" I have gone, goodbye! "Turnabout and leave.
"Wait! "She suddenly exclaimed.
I scare in my mind, Was it possible that eating fry shrimps behavior was found?
"Do you like me, or how to give me so much favor? "She calm and without feeling.
I vent their anger :" Do you think too much of it! I just have nothing to do in the seaside. "
"What help you don't want to return, and to no purpose. " End the word and turned left.
"Hey ~" she shouted behind me.

(Alarm clock rang really time! )
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