Installs LifeType for Students架設LifeType(Resolve Big5 Code)

Why would choose LifeType? Because it is the multiple blog and is matching our demand. However I detect that use the Big5 will produce disorderly yard after install version lifetype-1.1.2 disorderly code. Use the Libiconv for Linux and Convertz for Windows all can't resolve my problem. Hence I used the most stupid method to install LifeType:

If you have the big5 code problem. Skip the first five steps and Start from the sixth step.

Step 1:

Download the version lifetype-1.06 . Because this version can support Big5 code.

#tar zxvf lifetype-1.0.6.tar.gz

#mv lifetype-1.0.6 blog

//Rename : lifetype-1.0.6 become blog

#chmod 777 blog/config/

//Let be rewritable.

Step 2:

Create a database user for this lifetype

Step 3:

Open your browser and connect

Step 4:

Next by next...


#rm -rf blog/wizard.php

Now, LifeType-1.0.6 is done. But I want to upgrade to version lifetype-1.1.2


Backup the file blog/config/ and move it to other directory.

Delete all of the blog directory.

#rm -rf blog/*

//Delete all files( excepted)


Download LifeType-1.1.2 from

and command

#tar zxvf lifetype-1.1.2.tar.gz

#mv lifetype-devel-20061112/* blog/

And then cover blog/config/ with the bcakup file

#mv blog/cinfig/

mv: Cover blog/cinfig/ or not? y

Step 8:

Connect again

and next by next. It will upgrade automaticly.

Step 9:

#rm -rf blog/wizard.php

Well done. ^^

為什麼會選擇LifeType呢?因為他是多人使用的blog,正合需要。不過在安裝lifetype-1.1.2版的之後卻發現,使用Big5會產生亂 碼,使用Linux上的Libiconv及Windows上的Convertz均解決不了我的問題。於是用了最笨的方法來安裝LifeType:



下載支援Big5的lifetype-1.06 .


#tar zxvf lifetype-1.0.6.tar.gz

#mv lifetype-1.0.6 blog


#chmod 777 blog/config/


步驟 2:


步驟 3:


步驟 4:

依序填完資料然後Next by next...

步驟 5:

#rm -rf blog/wizard.php


現在1.0.6版的已經裝好了. 但是現再要一次升級到 lifetype-1.1.2

步驟 6:

備份檔案 blog/config/然後移到別的資料夾去。


#rm -rf blog/*


步驟 7:

下載 LifeType-1.1.2


#tar zxvf lifetype-1.1.2.tar.gz

#mv lifetype-devel-20061112/* blog/

//把解壓縮後, lifetype-1.1.2裡的所有檔案移到blog底下

用備份起來的 去覆蓋現在的

#mv blog/cinfig/

mv: 是否覆蓋 blog/cinfig/ or not? y

步驟 8:



步驟 9:


#rm -rf blog/wizard.php

結束 ^^

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