《Just Six Numbers 》Sir Martin Rees《宇宙的六個神奇數字》

Give me six numbers, I give you the cosmos. The cosmographer master Rees tell us six numbers printed in the big bang, decision the characteristic of the cosmos. The numerals affect each other and having a little bit immodesty, the fixed star, life that we see will not appear. These six numbers are:
N Measure the static electricity power
strength that restrains the atom, being
equal to the ratio of the static electricity and
the atom gravity. It is 1036.
ε (epsilon) decides the atomic nucleus close degree, and the atom
how be built on the earth. Its value is about 0.007.
Ω (omega) measure the content of material in our universe, as the
galaxies, diffusion air and dark matter. What it describes the
importance of the universe gravity and dilated enegy.
λ (lambda) is the new power that have never expected before
---"universe anti- gravity", control the universe to extend.
represent the ratio of two kinds of foundation energies. The
longitude and latitude of our universes organizations all depend on
this numeral, its value is about 1/100,000.
is the degree of our space, Its value is 3.

I have ever thought before: What is the outside of the universe ? What is the space that can let it extend when the universe continue to extend? Have ever there a diagram describe so: Many bubble are conjoint but not interfere with each other, each bubble contains an universe. The multiverse that this diagram describes seems to be to also match the Universe Expansion. Supposing this diagram is right, be the universe extend to certain extent (like reach the spirit bubble surface tension) can "Bo" and does the universe disappear in a twinkling? (The Big Bang theory says that it will constringency )

I have ever imagined in childhood that the outer circle of the universe are the shapes that was like leaf, and our universe just "hang" and be protective "lucky universe" under the leaf. Just like the leaf of the earth and may contain a smaller than atom universe, opposite in this of universe of we is can't imagine of bouncer.

It has already spoken of "black hole" and can pierce space. Another side on carrying be called "white hole". Between the black hole and white hole is conjoint to be called "wormhole (Einstein-Rosen bridges)". We can by the effect of the gravity lens to inference its existence, but can't measure or see directly. Have a magazine to have ever made an interesting reasoning: "Alien perhaps make use of the wormhole contacts each space, do "space jump up"". But I find one problem (perhaps is I still don't know answer):" Even are the tie that "light" all can't get away from the black hole gravity, does that alien come out after going in how? Is it possible that the function of the white hole is "spray" the recent material to go out that black hole absorb ?"?????......

This book still has a make me surprised parlance, put forward by Johannes Kepler(1571-1630): "the Earth orbit is the standard of the mensural everything; Sliced in it to draw 12 sides body outside, the circle that includes it(12 sides body) is a Mars orbit; Sliced in the Mars orbit to draw a tetrahedron outside, the circle that includes this tetrahedron is a Jupiter orbit; Sliced in the Jupiter orbit to draw cube outside, the circle that includes this cube is a Saturn orbit. Now, inside slice to draw 20 sides body in the Earth orbit, these 20 sides body includes circles is Venus orbits; Inside slice to draw octahedron in the Venus orbit, the circle of this octahedron containment is a Mercury orbit. You knew the reason of the planet number now."

That solar system and other galaxies are in the milky way whether also have similar of geometric relations? What is the geometric relations between our milky way and the other milky way in the universe ? If it exit, that wants to find out extraterrestrial life easily.

This book increases me much astronomy knowledge and a lot of didn't post in Newton magazine (I usually read of magazine) or other books.


N 量度的是把原子拘束住的靜電力強度,等於靜 電力與原子間重力的比率。它的值為1036。
ε (epsilon) 決定原子核拘束在一起的緊密程
Ω (omega) 量度的是我們宇宙中物質的含量,如星系、瀰漫氣體,以及 「暗物質」。它描述的是宇宙中重力和擴張能之間的相對重要性。
λ (lambda) 是未曾預期到的一種新的力——宇宙「反重力」,管轄宇宙 的擴張。
Q 代表的是兩種基礎能量的比率。我們宇宙的經緯組織都依賴這個數 字,它的值約為1/100,000。
D 就是我們空間的維數,它的值等於3。



書中有提到"黑洞"可以刺穿空間,另一端叫做"白洞",黑洞與白洞之間相連的叫做"蟲洞 (又稱愛因斯坦-羅森橋)"。我們可以藉由重力透鏡的效應來推論其存在,卻無法直接測量或見到。有一本雜誌曾經作一句有趣的推論:「外星人也許就是利用蟲洞往來各個空間,做「空間跳躍」」。可是我發現一問題(也許是我還不知道答案):「即使是"光"都無法擺脫黑洞重力的束縛,那外星人進去之後要如何出來?難道白洞的作用就是把黑洞所吸納近來的物質"噴"出去?」?????......


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