Your Heir 你的繼承者

Through four years of the observation and a year to hatch, I found a very funny thing, and I give it of conclusion be:"In a group of the equal quantity member, you can find out a inherit always before you leave this group. He will inherit your a certain characteristic, may be a qualities, appearance, every act or talk etc., or is a containment all."

When I attend in the university, grade one go to grade four from the university. Live dormitory I always like to sit in the restaurant of the school to enjoy my food slowly, then observe the interactive behavior of people or the behavior of the individual. (My such behavior possibility is very strange for some people.) From this observe always can probably know what kind of the person will do some and what kind of matter. Or when will meet such person in the future I know how reply. And the boy of the same kind type come out with girl's behavior also a little different. However, the human type isn't four kinds of blood types and 12 kinds of horoscopes of 48 kinds can describe. Certain personal type his(her) kind is just the "feeling" that gives to interacted at that time!

The university that I graduate probably has more than 2,000 people. Going to the school restaurant to have a meal everyday probably 500-1,000 people are or so! People the time of the breakfast is the least and the majority are to bought and then walk; The time of the lunch is the most, the restaurant position usually isn't enough to use; 1/3 of the number that the person of the dinner probably only has the lunch time at school and will there were a group of student who attends to study a department. I probably everyday will go once at least to the restaurant, and is not necessarily which meal.

Observe under this condition, I find this "condition" of "the individual inherit" also is accident. Although isn't like the sociology to do so exact experiment observation and have no theories to support, but such phenomenon is also very interesting.

Probably in a certain group, we are the "inherit" and inherit certain person who have already left the characteristic and come in to maintain the group characteristic. Is because of this probably, we always can say: "The teachers are like this; What to do business are thus such; The person who learns science how would; The students of this school are like this; All of this political party supporters are so......." Such as this kind of words. We always describe a certain group with the group characteristic. So the person will enter the group, his(her) characteristic usually is the type that can maintain the group characteristic. This can also explain why the group characteristic is very difficult to be changed.




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