Static Electricity Make Hardware Short Circuit 原來是"靜電"搞得鬼

Have already entered a winter, be fixing a computer to sometimes appear a problem easily, this usually is "static electricity" doing mischief. Pull out RAM several times to see while there being problems of my checking computer inner part. Originally it can be used well, but the time inserted back to motherboard and restart. It sound long beep voice usually so! In once fix I think suddenly: Static electricity!
Put the RAM that "have problems" to the ground and let the IC post ground and then wash hands, picked up ground up of RAM. Result, the RAM become well! Originally all of theses are "static electricity" to do!


已經進入冬天了,當在修電腦有時容易出現問題,這常常是"靜電"在作祟。有幾次我檢查電腦內部的硬體時,把RAM拔出來看,結果本來是可以用的,再插回去 的時候主機板就開始嗶長聲了,常常這樣!後來在一次修理的機會中,不知怎麼的突然意識到:靜電!把"有問題"的RAM放到地上,讓IC貼著地再去洗個手, 拿起地上的RAM,結果RAM就好了!原來這一切都是"靜電"搞得鬼!

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