The Twelfth of Never

«The Twelfth of Never» is what I like one of numerous english songs. I heard many editions about it, but I like the edition only have one......

This song I heard five kinds of editions totally, having the edition of Johnny Mathis , the edition of Donny Osmond , the edition of Cliff Richard , the edition of Tracy Huang , the edition of Wang Chieh and an I don't know who sing . Among them, I like what the Wang Chieh sing most. To me, I feel this song would be the rhythm like that the Wang Chieh sings similar! ^^ (Press the names can try to hear, but please don't do business use. )

«The Twelfth of Never»
You ask me how much I need you 你問我有多麽需要你
Must I explain 我必須解釋
I need you oh my darling 我需要你,噢!親愛的
Like roses need rain 就像玫瑰需要雨水的滋潤
You ask how long I’ll love you 你問我會愛你多久
I'll tell you true 說真的
Until the twelfth of never 直到天長地久
I'll still be loving you 我依然深愛著你

Hold me close 抱緊我
Never let me go 別讓我走
Hold me close 抱緊我
Melt my heart like April snow 讓我的心像四月的雪一樣融化

I'll love you 'til the bluebells 我會愛你直到藍鈴花忘記開花
Forget to bloom
I'll love you 'til the clover 我會愛你直到苜蓿失去香味
Has lost its perfume
And I'll love you 'til the poets 我會愛你直到詩人們用光了押韻的字
Run out of rhyme
Until the twelfth of never 直到天長地久
And that's a long, long time 而那會是一段很長很長的時間

«The Twelfth of Never»這首是我喜歡的眾多的英文歌之一,我聽過許多版本,但是我喜歡的版本只有一個......

這首歌我一共聽過五種版本,有Johnny Mathis 版本、Donny Osmond 版本、Cliff Richard 版本、黃鶯鶯 版本、王傑 版本和一個我不知道是誰唱的版本。其中我最喜歡王傑 所唱的。對我來說,我覺得這首歌就是要像王傑 所唱的氣氛一樣才好聽! ^^
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