Baseball Hat on Reporter Meeting | 記者會上的棒球帽

The lunch time, eat my NT55 lunches and watch TV news. Oh! Some people charged another people. Some legislator accompanied at the reporter meeting, weeping with loud noise make people sympathize with them. Suddenly, I almost burst out lunches, lightly smiles! I discover each reporter meeting's "victim" all to have the same characteristic include the family members are wearing baseball hat, pulls down the hat edge, then weep. And each reporter meeting place
all are almost the same, looks like each victim all give reporter meeting in the same place.
Later, I inquire the reporter meeting date and place, then sell the baseball hat. Also may the individuality baseball hat for victim, the content which can cooperate the report meeting subjects to design above the baseball hat logo.......... !
Is only a joke, just feel free to think. If really sell, should be animadverted to die! Ha!
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