Domain can't be found or sign failure | 網域找不到或登入失敗

The past two days have received a case: user log on network domain there will be no domain found; Or at the same computer, only one user can login the network domain successfully, when logout, other people will not be able to re-sign and get the error messenge "domain XXXX not be able to use ..." and so on the message. But ask the user who can sign before to sign again, it can be used.
Unknown at present. After work, chat with afore manager, he mentioned that probable the second AD problems of backup. AD Account with no major changes simultaneously, and make conflict or domain authentication failure. " Today, dealt with a Client PC that previous two days unable to add or remove domain, but now can be added or removed, speculate the tow ADs two days ago were not synchronous changes Client-account, now handled when they are finished backup and can add to network domain. This problem must be maintained at work until next week.
為什麼?目前還未知,在下班後與之前的資訊組找聊天,他提到:"有可能是第二台備份AD出了問題。與主要AD的帳號沒有同步更改,以致產生網域衝突或認證失敗的原因。" 因今天處理一台Client PC在前兩天無法加入或移除網域,但現在卻可以,推測是兩台AD在兩天前處理時並未同步更改Client端帳號,現在處理時卻已備份完畢而可以加入網域。此番現象須待下星期上班時再做查修。
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