Frisbee Nine Block | 飛盤九宮格

Today's sports course, was throwing the Frisbee. Suddenly discovered that the campus has a small amusement equipment belonging to a ladder-style railings. A brainstorm, let children face the railings, playing race of Frisbee Nine Block. Competitions to see who can vote in the 1-9 lattice using Frisbee. Children joy playing!
今天的體育課,上的是飛盤投擲,突然發現校園裡有一個遊樂器材屬於小的階梯式欄杆。靈機一動,請小朋友面向欄杆,玩起 火焰大挑戰--飛盤九宮格,比賽看誰可以投中一到九格。小朋友玩到不亦樂乎呢!
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