Windows Vista Ultimate X64 and X86

Help a friend today installed on his notebook by Windows Vista Ultimate, as it is 64-bit, so I chose installed Windows Vista Ultimate X64. The process all the best equipment, but later found that the installation of other software, many applications do not support the 64-bit. As this result, work very inconvenient. Then installed changing Windows Vista Ultimate X86 that is 32-bit systems. After the installation of software on the comparison did not encounter a problem.
今天幫朋友的NoteBook裝上Windows Vista Ultimate,因為它是64位元的,所以我選擇裝Windows Vista Ultimate X64。裝的過程一切順利,不過到後來安裝其他軟體時發現,很多應用軟體並沒有支援到64位元。這樣一來,工作就很不方便。於是就重裝一次,改成Windows Vista Ultimate X86,就是32位元的系統。之後安裝軟體就比較沒有遇到問題了。
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