【Game】SimCity 4 Deluxe-knowledge gained | 模擬城市4豪華版-心得

Summer vacation, when I use the intent to read the newest games news. I discovered casually The SimCity has already sold new version 'SimCity: Societies' and 'SimCity: Societies Destinations'. Wase! I love playing the game, although the city from the early SimCity versin, SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 3000 : Formosa (Sim City 4) and Rush Hour that I played each are at the end to bankruptcy. But I still have to play the new version. Unfortunately the end of the 'Societies' my computer equipped with the game is not run good. So I has returned to the embrace of 'Formosa', is Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition, and then crack it, then in change its language.

After several times bankruptcy, I get some a little clue:

1、Before build your city, you have better to build the maps around your map. Build somethings in those maps and save it. With a focus on the importance you must build the connected roads and water pipes to neighbouring cities.
2、Start building your own city.
3、First of all to build plant, and then build around a little bit of industrial zones (I started a medium-density industrial), and then a short distance away from the power plant planning low-density residential areas, which is planning between the two areas keep the beginning of the 'tree'.
4、Build roads to connect neighbouring cities. Water pipes are also.
5、Because a few people start, city needs few electricity and water, I raised to around 20 percent, just enough.
6, Part of the vast majority of the revenue will come from the neighbouring cities of the sale, much as possible you can sell, income is greater than balance, sell on the right.
7, Notice the needs of RCI table slowly to build! Such income are usually will be positive. ^ ^

But later I was ready use the plugin money tree to increase money, Ha! Because I did not so much time playing slowly. ^ ^




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