After played Plurk, I made many new friends. But, now, I also play Facebook in my leisure time and make new frineds on it.
By them and Twitter and Meme, I found a point they owned, it's "wave". For example, on Plurk, we can see our posts in "My plurks" and connect the posts by a curve on the time axis. This curve would be a wave with tops and bottoms and contains the time. By the same way, there are many waves on "All plurks" that look like waves on the surface of the ocean. The wave height is in accordance with the responses.
Facebook also owns this kind of wave, but represents it by vertical way. Facebook doesn't use only posts, but includes behavior of your friends. Any actions can be one of the wave and you can follow them.
I saw an information news, it refered to that the Google.com would release an application on Gmail and its concepts like the wave. We can expect that Google.com release it.
This word, wave, was rised my mind when I toke a shower. At this time, I just use "wave" to represent my thinks about Plurk, Facebook, Twitter, Meme and so on. Maybe there is another wording represented the thinks accurately in the furture.


不過我想說的重點是,對我來說Plurk與Facebook都有一種共通點,Twitter也有,之後要Yahoo!奇摩要推的Meme應該也會有這樣子的感覺,感覺上,他們都有一種Wave的樣子出現,Wave這個字不能單純把它翻成中文,翻成中文就沒有那種感覺了。我覺得Wave好像一種"時間流"或者是"時間的波動"。依Plurk來舉例,它的Time axis就像一種Wave,當plurk之後,有時候根據發表的時間,你的短文會在time axis的上端,有時候會在下端,如果只看My plurks,可以把自己所噗過的根據時間連成一條線,會像是畫像波浪的樣子;如果是觀看All plurks,把好友或是追蹤者所噗過的各自畫起來,就會有很多Wave,我覺得很像在大海上面的Wave,而且是包含"時間"的Wave,Wave的高低就看所回應者的數量了。
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