Windows Live launch @
Dislike your email host too long, hasten to sit down and prepare a keyboard and mouse! --> Registration
But Chinese browser from the current (2007/11/09 before) isn't for. You must use the English browser( I downloaded FirefoxPortable for English) or change the default language to be English. In addition, there has another method, the direct to English registration page -> URL

Student: "Sir, school email host name behind @ how long ah?"
Division: "I have no idea. School's address on the website is so long"
Student: "It is hard to type!"
Division :....( wry smile)
The students asked me, I was only wry smile to him. Remember when Google has just launched Gmail beta I choose to use it immediately, because its host site short, only @, this emphasizes to me to do things fast is a good choice. And the other Email services were also used as a registration for some sites that I downloaded software or standby mail, like @, @, @, and so on. For me, short is fast and remember!
Windows Live推出
不過從中文的瀏覽器目前(2007/11/09之前)還沒辦法申請,要用英文的瀏覽器(像我是下載FirefoxPortable for English)或是改成預設語系為英文的。另外,還有一個方法,直接複製英文的註冊頁-->網址
學生這樣問過我,我只能苦笑對他。記得Google剛推出Gmail beta的時候我馬上選擇使用它,因為它的主機網址短,只有,對我這種講求做事要快速的人實在是種好的選擇,而其他的Email服務也被我當作用來註冊網站或是下載軟體的備用郵件,像是、、@hotmail.com等等。對我來說,短就是快速、好記!
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