Lightbox in Drupal

Well done the lightbox module in Drupal, feel that this feature is really cool!
But there is a little loss, I do not know what's wrong?
When I used one PC with a Windows 2000 server to view photos on my drupal site, which showed the effect of screen was loss, only appear once and will not happen again! Then changed for a Windows XP sp2 system is the same! I think it was the browser problem. I use IE5 and IE6 are unable to have good results, IE7 and Firefox 2.0.9 can be normal show.
當我在某台裝有Windows 2000 server的機器上瀏覽照片時,所呈現的畫面效果打了折扣,也只顯現一次並不再出現了!然後換了一台Windows XP sp2的系統,也是一樣!我想應該是瀏覽器的問題,我使用IE5及IE6均無法有好的效果,IE7及Firefox 2.0.9卻可以正常顯示。
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