My Bright Shadow role | 我的"狩魔獵人"

From last Saturday afternoon to Wednesday noon, about three or four days, I let my Bright Shadow role to the third-class career! This is what I play the game the fastest escalation. Because less time off work time, sleeping time and studying time and so forth, at other leisure time I stand front of the computer to play Bright Shadow. This picture is my third-class career to look! Although just level42, but at least I turn to, Ha! I want thanks these people who in the Wei-tuo-tian server are "Chih-fong," "Gao-siao-da-ren", "Fong-yun-tian", "Yi-dou-zih", thankful! Thanksgiving!
My career is "Devil Hunter", in "Wei-tuo-tian" server. I like in this triage 3, why? Because people less!

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