Taipei | 台北


Insert the Microsoft Virtula Earth map from Live Writer. This map is where I live now, Taipei.
Taipei City is a busy city. Everyone in Taipei their walks like the Allegro, Pa! Pa! Pa! Walk has passed, they will not see you more than one. However, as long as you arbitrarily stopped to ask for directions, who immediately and enthusiastic guide line for your direction.
Taipei is a small kaleidoscope. Others said that Taiwan is like Chinese epitome, the culture and cuisine of regions; What epitome of the Taiwan? The Taipei is! Taipei in Taiwan concentrate the traveler of the around, like a big melter, greedily chew the full from the culture of other spaces, and create its own unique characteristic.
Taipei is a technology city. Well-connected public transport system, if the oil price rise too much for the future, rely on the transport system can also run everywhere; Wireless network coverage of the world's highest cities, wherever you go, you can communicate with the world at any time and receive the new information by the wireless. Wireless become unlimited.
Many people as Taipei is second home. While I did not born in Taipei, not accrete in Taipei, but Taiwan is my infinite knowledge port. From here, I can go to anywhere.
Taipei, this is Taipei!



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